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Closet Resized webCocozza Organizing & Design, LLC works in your home and office space to help you become more organized and productive. Now with a Virtual option.

Does your home or office space appropriately reflect your professional image and lifestyle?

Are you able to dedicate time to important priorities to move the needle forward?

Do you feel a sense of control in your space and in your schedule?

Do you need a solution for your paper and digital files?

Are you achieving your personal and professional goals?

Are the systems you use efficient and effective?

We organize your space and time based on your life, your business and your preferences. The organizing and productivity solutions are designed specifically for you, so they will be valuable and easy-to-maintain.



crawford 0007 1Missy Crawford

Missy Crawford joined Cocozza Organizing + Design in 2018, providing hands-on organizing and consulting. Missy consistently goes beyond the initial jumpstart of any project, investing in her clients, teaching them the secrets to maintaining the system that works best for them. With a flair for design, Missy’s organizing solutions are functional yet beautiful and no detail escapes her attention. Residential organizing, estate closeouts, and downsizing transitions showcase her talents best and are also the most rewarding. As a busy mom of two, Missy understands well the satisfaction and peace of an ordered living space.

Prior to her work with Cocozza, Missy instructed as a paraeducator in a public school, providing organizational study tools to students with learning disabilities, helping many students make sense of their studies and transform into true success stories. Earlier in her career, Missy worked as an organizing and design assistant at Samara Interiors, LLC in Arlington, honing skills such as space-planning, design installation and styling. 


fischer 2020 04 27Cynthia Fischer

Cynthia Fischer, Ph.D., is a published art historian and a professional musician. Her passion for visual art has led her to teaching positions at universities, administrative work at the Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art, and opportunities in the commercial art world through art insurance, art galleries, and the management of high-value estates. In music, she is a vocalist trained in the classical, choral, and jazz genres, and has been a project manager at a boutique classical record label as well as for a local chamber music concert series. She possesses both the skills and passions of an artist, along with the logical, sequential mind of an organizer— a rare combination in the realm of fine arts.


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Heather Cocozza, owner of Cocozza Organizing & Design, LLC, was interviewed by National Correspondent Rebecca Cooper on ABC Channel 7's Washington Business Report. The interview aired July 24, 2011 and was on the topic of financial organizing.

Heather Cocozza has written articles or been quoted in the following magazines:
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Success April 2011

Quoted with personal photo in the article "52 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace"

Metro Washington Home Improvement May 2008

homeimprovement5"Compartmentalizing by using containers is not only visually appealing but eliminates the possibility of stacking tall piles of clothing, papers, or other items that are destined to topple over, " says Heather Cocozza, PMP and owner of Cocozza Organizing & Design in Northern Virginia.

Cocozza suggests choosing containers that are either transparent or that you can easily label to help immediately identify the contents. "This will save you valuable time," she adds

Metro Washington Home Improvement December 2007

homeimprovement4Heather Cocozza of Cocozza Organizing & Design in Northern Virginia recommends dividing your kitchen into five basic kitchen activity "zones" and storing commonly used items inside or immediately outside the zone.

Metro Washington Home Improvement November 2007

homeimprovement3"When designing or decorating your entryway, first decide how you use the space," says Heather Cocozza of Cocozza Organizing & Design in Northern Virginia. Is it strictly for visitors? Do you use it daily? Knowing the function of the space will help you determine how it should look.

Cocozza notes, "It's important to bring organization into your entryway. Typically most homes have a formal and an informal entryway." If your formal entryway does not have a small closet, Cocozza advises purchasing a wood or decorative wrought iron, free-standing coat rack that your guests can use. "And today you can even find storage benches that work in a formal area. Some have sliding doors to hide everything." Also, include a decorative, wall-mounted key box and wicker, wood, or fabric trays for a mail station.

Heather Cocozza, of Cocozza Organizing & Design in the D.C. area, specializes in helping clients set-up home offices. She says that paperwork can fall into four different categories: action, reference, memory or trash. Only papers related to action need to be on your desktop.

Metro Washington Home Improvement October 2007

homeimprovement2Ask the Experts Questions: The holidays are approaching and the cupboards and pantry in my kitchen aren't ready for all the dinner parties I'm about to have. Are there any simple tips you have for organizing my food, dishes, pots, pans, glassware, utensils, gadgets and etc., so that my holidays can be more enjoyable?

Answer: You will enjoy being a host if you organize the kitchen so that it is easy to find things and put them away. Accessibility is the key to easy entertaining.

Rotate and remove off-season items from the kitchen to make room for the holiday accoutrements. Store similar items together, conveniently near where you use the items:

Preparing - Keep knives, mixing bowls, and measuring cups around the longest counter space next to the sink
Cooking - Store pots, pans, and bakeware around the stove and oven
Washing - Place everyday dishes and glasses around the dishwasher and sink
Food Serving - Store place mats, trivets, and serving pieces near the table
Food Storage - If you do not have a food pantry, store food near the refrigerator

Clean out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry to have more space for party food. Find guidance on food shelf life at www.msnbc.com/onair/nbc/dateline/food/shelf.asp.

Tip: In a cabinet, do not place tall glasses in back and short glasses in front, because it requires you to reach behind one row. Instead, place glasses of different heights in columns from front to back. You now have front-row access to each size.

Fun Idea: Create a "Mobile Holiday/Party Station" by adapting a wheeled kitchen cart to hold your holiday party supplies: candles, votives, place cards, tablecloths, napkin rings, etc. When done, roll it out of the way.

Pre-Party Tip: Take your trash out and unload the dishwasher right before the party starts, so you will have space to hide the "unsightly objects" once the party is underway.

By Heather Cocozza, of Cocozza Organizing & Design, Northern Virginia

Metro Washington Home Improvement July 2007

homeimprovement1Ask the Experts Questions: My tiny townhouse is a great place but I feel like clutter takes over because of the lack of closet space. How can I decoratively store and conceal my stuff without making my house look so junked up? - A reader in Alexandria, VA.

Answer: First, make certain you're using all the space in your closet efficiently. For example, use the inside of the closet door for hooks and over the door storage solutions such as shoe racks. Then focus on the space outside of your closet. Purchase furniture with closed cabinet space (e.g., wardrobe, armoire, night stands, and end tables with doors). If there is open shelving in your home, use containers such as decorative boxes and bins. Rooms look most appealing if kept to three or less colors; this should include the colors of your containers. The more uniform or similar the containers, the more attractive your townhouse will appear.

Consider the following solutions for items that traditionally cause a cluttered look: store magazines in a magazine file and place on a bookshelf, keep newspapers in a cute storage basket on the floor, and place papers in a file drawer or decorative file box. Clutter causes visual stress and by using these techniques to conceal, your townhouse will have a more calming and appealing ambiance.

By Heather Cocozza, Professional Organizer, Cocozza Organizing & Design in the metro Washington area

Heather Cocozza was interviewed by Theresa Caldwell of Say It by Heartradio show (QTRadio.net) on the subject "Cut through the Clutter in Your Head, to Cut the Clutter in Your Home." October 2008.